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Electronic Forms Download

This page allows you to download various electronic forms to your PC or Macintosh. Download the appropriate form, fill it out on your computer, save & print it, then process through your office's normal procedures for signatures and submission as you have done in the past.

Select the correct Platform, Location, and Form and the selected form will be downloaded to your local computer. This process requires a Kerberos Username and password. If you do not have a Kerberos Username and Password go to

This procedure downloads a unique form each time you hit the "Generate Form" button and each form can be used only once (they have a unique "document control number which is used for tracking purposes). If you are in a department that uses many forms, you may immediately download another form by hitting the "generate Form" button again after the first form downloads (you will not have to re-enter your Kerberos username and password.) This download process eliminates the need to run macros, (which can have some security risks) on your desktop computer. It also assures that you are getting the latest version of the form. It may be convenient to bookmark or create a shortcut to this page for future use.

 Windows users – When you generate a document you will be asked whether you want to “open” or “save” the form. If you select “save” (recommended) the form will be saved in the default location where all of your other Excel documents are saved. After saving, select the “open” button and the form will appear. If you select “open”, rather than “save” after hitting the “generate document” button, the document will immediately open. However, after you have filled out the form, you must select “save as” and specify where you want the document saved. (If you just click “save” the document will be saved in a temporary internet files directory and you will have trouble finding it later.)

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If you have any difficulty in downloading these forms, please call the Comptroller's Office at 353-7684.


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